Ceramic Tubular Membrane

Membrane Products

Excellent chemical stability, can work in extreme environments (pH 1~14) and is fully resistant to oxidants, including ozone and hydroxyl radicals.

Ceramic Tubular
Membrane Element

Ceramic Tubular
Membrane Module

Industrial Ceramic
Tubular Membrane

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Production Process

Ceramic Tubular Membrane Micro-scopic View

Ceramic Tubular Membrane Working Principle

Tubular Membrane Brief
Technical Parameters

  • Membrane Structure: Asymmetric
  • Hardness: High
  • Operating pH: 2-12
  • Chemical Cleaning pH: 1-13
  • Operating Temperature: 1-45 DegC
  • Maximum allowable negative pressure: 10bar
  • Maximum allowable positive pressure: 100bar
  • Operating pressure: 1-2bar
  • Pure water flux: 3-4m^3 / (m^2 . h)

Area of Application

Application Case

Alkaline Washing Wastewater

500 tons/day

Pickling Wastewater

1200 tons/day

Oily Wastewater from a Petrochemical

1500 tons/day