Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane

Membrane Products

Made of high-purity silicon carbide powder and sintered at high temperatures. Easy to clean negatively charged substances in the water body from the surface, such as fine particles of bacteria, algae, MLSS, transparent outer polymer particles, and oils.

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Element

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Module

Industrial Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane

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Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Process Flow

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Working Principle

Membrane Technical Specifications

  • Effective Filter Area: 0.177m^2
  • Support Material: SiC
  • Filter Layer Material: SiC
  • Membrane Pore Size: 100nm
  • Dimensions: L600mm x W145mm x THK6mm
  • Operating Temperature: 4-50 Deg C
  • Operating pH: 2-12
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: -600mbar
  • Maximum backwash Pressure: 1.2bar
  • Cleaning Method: Backwash/Air Scrubbing/Spray/Chemical Cleaning

Area of Application


Application Case

Dye Wastewater From A Chemical Company

600 tons/day

Oily Wastewater From A Petrol-Chemical Plant

1500 tons/day

Alkaline Washing Wastewater From Pharmarceutical Plant

500 tons/day